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Millet from cystitis


Millet from cystitis Millet from cystitis

Millet from cystitis

The disease often comes when you do not expect it at all. She is taken by surprise, sometimes destroying serious plans and hopes, does not allow her to meet expectations. If she was not able to take a person by surprise, and his body managed to signal in time, and he caught the first weak warning signals of danger, it is possible that the person will avoid harsh and prolonged therapy by taking appropriate measures.

This article describes how you can use for the treatment that can always be at hand at the thrifty housewife – about ordinary millet from cystitis, which helps, minimizing the impact on the family budget, without spending on expensive drugs. However, an extra consultation with a doctor will not hurt you so that, by reasonably combining medical prescriptions and a method proven by more than one generation, to avoid relapses that become chronic.

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  • The effect of millet on cystitis
  • What does it contain
  • Video
  • Therapeutic effect on the bladder
  • Treatment recipes
  • Infusion
  • Decoction
  • Suspension
  • Reception in pure form
  • Porridge
  • Soup
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews
  • Video

The effect of millet on cystitis

Due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the female body, women are more susceptible to this disease, although it also happens in men.

Those who have experienced all the “charms” of this disease know about the need for timely and correct actions. After all, the frivolous restriction of taking thermal baths or heaters on the stomach without using other methods, including timely access to a urologist, can lead to an attack by pathogenic microorganisms that, after climbing the ureters, can spread to the kidneys, causing the most unpleasant disease – pyelonephritis.

It is then that serious losses of monetary and physical resources will begin, accompanied by painful injections from cystitis and droppers, followed by a long course of complete recovery according to the procedure prescribed by doctors.

To understand it more deeply, how millet from cystitis helps, it will be useful to get acquainted, what nutrients and trace elements it contains.

What does it contain

Physicians, of course, prefer the medical method of eliminating the problem, but they also agree with the use of this very useful supplement in combination with the main therapy, since the healing properties of millet, which contains nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates), are well known and studied. , vitamins and trace elements with valuable qualities necessary for a positive effect on the systems and organs.

The protein in millet contains approximately 12 grams per 100 grams of dry cereal, it is a source of amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body (lecithin, tryptophan, arginine). This element also improves the regenerative properties of the organism alphapharma , due to which regeneration processes are accelerated in cells, new tissues are formed. Amino acids contained in protein, maintain muscle tone.

The fat content is about 3%, in which it gives way only to oatmeal. Those who wish to lose weight, but it is difficult to endure the hungry urges of the stomach, the millet diet is just right, because this product is nutritious, besides – easily digestible and non-allergenic. And fats of plant origin contribute to the absorption of vitamins.

Most carbohydrates here – about 65%. Besides the fact that they are a source of energy, these elements help the body to be cleansed of toxins and toxins.

Vitamins in millet, improve the condition of the skin, contribute to:

  • strengthening and growth of hair and nails;
  • keeping your teeth in good condition;
  • slow down aging;
  • eliminate depression.

Among them we will meet the following: A, group B (B1, B2, B6, B9), B6, B9, PP.

A variety of trace elements in the croup, have the following effects:

  • K (potassium) – normalization turanabol tablets of the cardiovascular system;
  • Fe (iron) – improving the functioning of the circulatory system and oxygen supply to tissues;
  • Na (sodium) – enhancing the formation of gastric juice, gastrointestinal enzymes, the work of the salivary glands;
  • Mg (magnesium) – stimulation of cardiac activity, increasing endurance and strengthening the immune functions of the body;
  • Si, F (flint, fluorine) – improving the condition of bones, hair, nails, teeth;
  • Cu (copper) – preserving the elasticity of the skin, preventing wrinkling of the skin;
  • P (phosphorus) – the functioning of the skeletal system, calcium retention and the flow of metabolic processes in it;
  • Mn (manganese) – acceleration of metabolism.

Although this product is high in calories, about 360-380 kcal per 100 g of cereals, it does not increase the appetite, since the presence of B vitamins, especially B6 – pyridoxine, speeds up the metabolism and energy expenditure.

Consequently, the use of this porridge does not threaten the addition of extra pounds to women who are prone to corpulence.


From this video you can learn a lot of useful information about the healing properties of millet.

Therapeutic effect on the bladder

Millet panicles, outlining the backyard plots of gardeners, are useful not only because they make good brooms, but also from croup, which is obtained from its grains, called millet. Some will never even think that it is possible not only to cook a tasty dietary dish, but also to overcome serious ailments.

Among them:

  • hepatic disorders and gallbladder disease;
  • pancreatitis;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • dropsy;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • sinusitis

In our case, the most important is that it is an indispensable doctor in the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, and, above all, cystitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder. It is advisable to use it even when the disease is started and turned into pyelonephritis. Our natural miracle healer is also able to remove various types of stones from the body, turning them into sand that will be released with urine.

As for the treatment of bladder with millet, the content of B vitamins in it will quickly help to remove the inflammation of the mucous membrane and speed up its recovery.

In addition, the protein in the millet will take the most direct part in the formation of new tissues, and magnesium will further enhance the immune functions.

If this product is combined with the use of drugs, then in addition to improving the output of toxins, antibiotic residues will also be removed.

Treatment recipes

Modern medicine has confirmed what has been tested by many previous generations – the undoubted benefit of this golden cereal, which was used by patients in the form of medicinal infusions, decoctions, suspensions, cereals and soups.

Consider some recipes for the treatment of cystitis millet.

This is mainly true for women, since this herb weakens the potential abilities of men.


Very easy and very quick to prepare. Does not require much effort, but gives a wonderful effect!

It is necessary to thoroughly rinse the cereal under running water, poured into a three-liter jar in the amount of two glasses, pour three liters of water. After that, the jar is wrapped and left for three days in a dark place with a temperature (preferably) above room temperature to speed up the process of infusion. After three days, the infusion is filtered and drunk daily in an amount of 200 ml for seven days. After the first few days of taking the infusion, improvement should be felt.

An even simpler way is to insist for twenty minutes two tablespoons of pure wheat, filled with 500 ml of water. It is used four times a day. First, one glass is drunk, the remainder is divided into three parts and consumed in 100 ml (half a cup). And so it goes on for three days.

The main condition: every day – a new portion.


Consider another recipe for the use of millet from cystitis in women. This is broths.

They are used as medicinal drinks, as well as prophylactic agents. In addition, in addition to the treatment of cystitis can help webdav.pct with the correct approach to this method and in the issue of the normalization of the bowels. Consider two cooking options.

Option 1:

  1. Two spoons of raw washed millet are poured into a saucepan with two cups of boiling water and brought to a boil again.
  2. After boiling water, the pan covered with a lid is wrapped with a thick cloth or blanket and left to stew for a couple of hours.
  3. Infused broth is filtered and millet is thrown away.

Broth drink every three hours: children – a teaspoon, adults – in the dining room.

This broth must be consumed for at least seven days, after which the same amount is used for prophylactic purposes.

Option 2:

    1. The same amount of millet is poured with the same amount of cold water and they wait for the water to boil.
    2. After the broth has boiled, it must be insisted for ten to fifteen minutes, then filtered.

Millet from cystitis

Consumption begins with one tablespoon every three hours. The next day, three spoons are taken at the same interval, and on the third and subsequent days, the dose taken is half a glass. The course of treatment is the same as in the first version.

With the help of these decoctions the body is quickly released from toxins. These healing drinks will also help to clear the vessels, getting rid of cholesterol plaques that will dissolve the microelements contained in the broth.


The same water and millet, but already a hundred grams washed and dried. The croup poured in a saucepan with boiling water is carefully ground, best of all, until it forms a homogeneous whitish mass.

The cooled slurry is drunk at one time. In total during the day it is necessary to perform three similar techniques. The treatment course is two weeks. The suspension should be freshly prepared.

For the treatment to be effective, you need to follow a strict diet, which is to be excluded from use:

  • alcohol and energy drinks;
  • sour, fried, salted and smoked;
  • spicy seasonings and tomato sauces;
  • citrus fruits;
  • hard cheese;
  • fruits with high sugar content;
  • sugar itself.

It is desirable to refuse also coffee.

Reception in pure form

An excellent medicinal, often used folk remedy for the use of millet in cystitis is traditional millet soup and porridge bodybuilder motivation.


For those who are in such an unpleasant situation, it is recommended that one of the dishes of their dietary menu be freshly prepared porridge from millet groats. This can be recommended by the attending physician.

Consider how to choose the right cereal:

  • the color should be bright yellow;
  • the shelf life should be no more than a year, so that there was no bitterness, and no cereal moth started up;
  • careful consideration of the packaging will provide an opportunity to see foreign matter;
  • the grits should be whole, not crushed, otherwise you will get viscous porridge.

There are many recipes for the preparation of these medicinal dishes – from simple to exquisite, cooked by a professional chef or at home, cooked in milk or water. Porridge can be with cranberries and grated cheese, with lamb and mushrooms. But since we are dealing with a diet table, we will focus on a simple recipe that is available to any hostess.

It is recommended to pre-soak the cereal in cold water for at least one hour, so that the characteristic bitterness inherent in the gluten in millet is gone. In addition, it is thanks to the soaking porridge cooked faster.

Washed and dried by regular stirring for five minutes on a hot frying pan, the grits are poured into a saucepan in relation to the water to be poured – 1/2. Boil porridge need 15-20 minutes, stirring occasionally. At the end, added butter, if desired, you can sprinkle with herbs.

Milk is best to use in the morning.

The dietary dish is served with a minimum of salt, and if it is possible, it is completely without it, and also excluding any spicy seasonings.


In the conclusion of the review of the methods of millet treatment we will consider another prescription for the treatment of cystitis with millet, which will also provide support to overcome such an unpleasant disease.

To dilute a fairly strict diet and further filling the body with useful substances and trace elements, we suggest you to use a fairly simple recipe for dietary soup with chicken and eggs. There is no need to fry, which corresponds to the prescribed diet.

So, for this we need:

  • one bulb medium size;
  • the same size carrots;
  • four to five potatoes;
  • one Bulgarian pepper and greens;
  • 5-6 tablespoons of millet;
  • quite a bit of salt (!);
  • chicken quarter;
  • two chicken eggs.

Despite the fact that this dish is dietary, such ingredients will make it very appetizing.

How to cook:

  1. A saucepan with lightly salted water is placed on the fire, a washed chicken is dropped into it.
  2. While the broth is boiling, the onions and carrots are washed and cleaned, then the onions are cut into cubes, and the carrots are rubbed on a grater.
  3. Potatoes are peeled and cleaned, diced.
  4. Pepper tail and seeds are removed in the pepper.
  5. If the chicken is cooked, you can put the potatoes, onions with carrots and peppers.
  6. After the potatoes are boiled, put the millet,
  7. Separately hard-boiled cook and clean two eggs, cut them into cubes.
  8. At the end put the chopped greens and chopped eggs
  9. Wait another 8-10 minutes and turn off.

The healing soup is ready.


The product, harmless at first glance, about which so much good was said above, has its own contraindications. It was already mentioned that the above recipes are not quite suitable for men, because they affect the potency, although this is rather an opinion based on individual observations, rather than scientific studies.

But, besides this, there are a number of restrictions due to which the use of this product is contraindicated.

Among them are the following:

  • gastrointestinal tract diseases associated with low acidity;
  • pancreatic dysfunction;
  • inflammatory processes in the colon;
  • disruption of the thyroid gland;
  • gastric and intestinal ulcers;
  • gastritis;
  • frequent constipation.

In connection with the last item of restrictions on its use, it is worth refraining to become pregnant as well, since during this period there is a tendency to difficulty in the process of excretion.


I also found a recipe. Rinse 1 kg of millet several times until the water is clear, then pour in hot water and leave overnight. In the morning, drain the water and drink it little by little. Then pour the millet again, insist and drink. A woman did this 4 times. She helped. I hope someone will help

Julia, 36 years old, Urengoy

Just think, cystitis! And I thought it was only for women. A neighbor advised millet decoction, still I drink rexogin tea from it. Combining all this with Urofuragin. A week later I let go, but not until the end, I continue the treatment.

Ilya, 31, Novomoskovsk

I already got used to autumn exacerbations. Over the years, a method has been developed: I pour two handfuls of millet with boiling water plus a little bit of ginger, squeeze a lemon wedge, and for taste, use stevia instead of sugar. I insist a little and drink it slowly. The pain goes away.

Marina, 41, Perm

Girls, I hasten to share. Cystitis is inflamed several times in a month. Saw Furamag and Uroprofit, cranberries and herbs are different. With aggravations burned in the urethra, it was very painful. She found information about millet, that it relieves pain. And it helped me! True truth, here try !!! For example, now I sit, but there is no pain, there is no burning, I don’t believe it! All day I drink the infusion of millet. Today, after the morning reception, the pain subsided, stayed on the street – and again. But only drank the millet, the pain as never happened. Can this be somehow explained? If someone helped millet – write. I drank cranberries for a month, and it only got worse. Apparently, she annoyed me

Kira, 25 years old, Kharkov

Instead of cranberries, you had to drink lingonberries. I did not drink millet, but if it helps you, drink. First you need to complete a full course, and only then throw. Folk remedies do not work immediately, they gradually improve the condition. Nature is able to heal naturally and harmlessly. But the effect is different than that of drugs, which will take a good percentage of health bills for your radical healing.

Svetlana, 46 years old, Simferopol


From this video, you can learn a fairly simple recipe for millet

Millet from cystitis

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